Monday, October 8, 2018

October is FALL month!

This month our class will be exploring the season of fall.  While we are exploring in the classroom it is also a great opportunity for you to explore with your child as well.  When you are outside point out the changing leaves, the acorns, pine cones, or other fruits from trees.  Describe the weather (its getting chilly, sunny, frost), talk about the fall foods and colors.  Lots of families have been apple picking or have been to the pumpkin patch.  Talk about the apples or the pumpkins.  Help your child describe what they are looking at.  At this age the children's vocabulary is expanding and having rich discussions with your child will enhance their knowledge.  So much fun is happening...check out below what to expect your child to be doing in the classroom!


  • Johnny Appleseed
  • Life cycle of an apple
  • Parts of an apple-exploring apple insides and outside
  • Matching apples in a basket
  • Which apple is your favorite color?
  • Letter B
  • Square
  • Color Orange
  • Number 2
  • Looking at different fall items
  • Making a square with blocks
  • Which leaf is your favorite color?
  • Looking at pumpkins (describing outside) and exploring outside
  • How does a pumpkin grow?
  • Mixing red and yellow to make orange
  • Making pumpkin slime
  • Exploding pumpkins
  • Weather
  • Calendar (Month, and counting days)
  • Class Jobs

  • God asks Abraham to trust him-TRUST IN GOD
  • Baby Isaac is born!!-GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES
  • Joseph and his colorful coat-Forgiveness
  • Jesus is the light of the world...Carving a pumpkin and cleaning it out is like baptism
  • Golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • matching apples (POMPOMS) to same colored stickers
  • counting apples and matching by the tree
  • beading tree
  • orange playdough
  • orange floam
  • sorting fall themed beads by shape and color
  • matching acorns-color and shape
  • light table
  • science table-exploring fall nature
  • building with pumpkin gummies and toothpicks
  • exploring pumpkin insides
  • hammering golf tees on pumpkin
  • my potato head and pumpkins
  • sorting pumpkins by color
  • matching pumpkins
  • coloring pages (apple, leaves, fall, halloween, orange)
  • sorting pumpkin shapes
  • orange/red A-B patterns
  • counting pumpkins
  • apple trees (cutting, gluing, stamping)
  • apples (tearing, cutting, gluing)
  • October placemats (making orange with red and yellow finger paint)
  • Leaf watercolor and diffusing paper
  • cutting squares
  • dot paint
  • making pumpkins
  • Square pumpkins
  • oatmeal and apples
  • fall nature
  • leaves
  • I spy sensory table 
  • Orange fuzz

Sunday, September 9, 2018


Welcome back to another fun year in the Explorer's Room!  Each month I will update what we will be learning about in the classroom.  
This month our theme is "All About Me!"  Our shape this month is a circle and the color is RED!  We will also begin getting exposure to letters A, B, and C.  

  • Week 1-All about me-5 senses, naming body parts
  • Week 2-Me and my emotions, using manners
  • Week 3-My family, home, and friends
  • Week 4-All about Red and Circles

  • Sorting colors
  • Measuring height
  • Making graph of hair color and eye color
  • Sorting bears by color
  • Counting bears and placing them into families
  • Sorting red objects and matching similar objects
  • Counting days of week
  • Venn diagram-who has a sister, brother, both
  • Learning about letter one-beginning focus on one-to-one correspondence
  • Pointing to parts of body
  • What are our 5 senses and how do we use them?
  • Touching different textures
  • Learning about our emotions-identifying them
  • Light table
  • Learning about color red
  • Baking soda and red vinegar explosions
  • Making playdough
Fine Motor
  • Mr. Potato head
  • Using tongs to pick up pompoms and place them in ice cube tray
  • Cutting
  • Gluing
  • Play dough
  • Using circle stickers to make a circle
  • finger paint
  • cutting red squares
  • stringing fruit loops onto pipe cleaners
  • Making me-using different items to create a face on a plate.  
  • Stamping red circles
  • Family glyph-who is in the family
  • Red finger painting
  • Thank you notes
  • coloring pages
  • dry erase boards
  • tracing letters
  • learning first letter in name (if they can do that we are making up songs to learn how to spell name)
  • Any fine motor activities prepare the children for writing in their future.  
  • Naming body parts and senses
  • Naming emotions
  • Naming family members
  • Shapes, colors, and letters
  • Singing Songs, reading books during circle time.  At this age I typically find 2-3 songs and 2-3 books to read throughout each week.  The repetition is great for rhythm and patterns, comprehension, enhances their vocabulary and word recognition, and helps with confidence. 
Important Thoughts and dates
  • Family night is Tuesday, September 11th at 6:00 pm
  • No school Friday, September 14th

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Its Going to get MESSY!!!

Last week we had so much fun exploring the seas and the ocean.  During circle time we:

Graphed which animal was their favorite




Added water to water beads.  We made guesses about what would happen and described the beads before and after the water was absorbed.  We also discussed how they felt after the water was absorbed by the beads.

We made ice cube fish and talked about water turning to ice.  



During center time we:
 Sorted shape fish into fishbowls with the shape on it

Played with kinetic sand and shells




Played with real sand and shells

Sorted fish by color



Played with fish and smooth water stones in sensory table.


Colored under the sea pictures


Used shaving and paint to marbled sea horses



This week we will be having a messy week.  Please dress your kiddos in clothes they can get wet or maybe messy!

Jesus Time

Jesus loves us and comforts us.
"Jesus Loves Me"

Circle Time
Counting friends

Stacking peg boards
Tracing/connecting dots: names
Shaving cream
dot paint
Popsicle paint
Finger paint
Water and soap bubbles in sensory table
painting with water
Baking soda and vinegar
Water sensory table

Songs and Sillies
"5 Little Monkeys Swinging from a Tree"
"Baby Shark"

  • Last day of school is May 25th.  School dismisses for everyone at 11:45
  • Please join us at Kirkwood Park for the CCLS school picnic right after school.  There is no after school after 11:45.
  • Please send kids in closed toed shoes for the rest of the year (and sox).  We will be on the playground as much as possible and the rocks get in crocks, sandals, and other open shoes.
  • This week we will be experimenting and getting messy.  You may want to dress your child in clothes that can get messy and dirty.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Under the sea

Thank all of you moms for joining us for Moments with Moms last week!

Last week we had so much fun exploring dinosaurs at school.  During circle time we learned about plant vs. meat eaters, looked at different types of dinosaurs, and matched dinosaurs.

During centers we:

Sorted dinos by shape and color

Matched dinos 

Colored dinosaur pictures

Traced lines to sign in

Dot painted and glued dino's in eggs

Under the Sea

This week we will explore the ocean and the animals in the ocean.  We will check them out on the internet, play with water and sand, and even graph our favorite ocean animal
The theme stems from a man in the Bible named Jonah. Jonah didn't want to listen to God's plan. In fact, he tried to run away from God. While Jonah was trying to escape, he got caught in the middle of a big storm and was thrown overboard. God sought out Jonah and gave him a chance to repent. He sent a big fish to swallow him. Jonah prayed and prayed and after three days, the fish spit Jonah out onto the beach. 
Then Jonah knew the right thing to do was to follow God's plan.


Theme - Jonah and the Big Fish 
Verse - I will rejoice in your steadfast love. Psalm 31:7
Song - "Mighty Fish" (with an "ocean" parachute)
                 I'm being swallowed by a mighty fish.
                 Oh no! He swallowed my toes!
                 Oh gee! He swallowed my knee!
                 Oh my! He swallowed my thigh!
                 Gulp! Gulp! He ate me up!
                 I prayed inside for three days... 
                 And he SPIT me OUT!


Will it sink or float?
Who lives in the Ocean? 
Graphing favorite Ocean animal 

Story Time 
    One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
    Fish is Fish
    10 Friendly Fish
    Rainbow Fish 


Sensory table - the ocean 
Sand and shells
Sorting Fish
Counting and sorting rainbow Goldfish crackers
Ocean puzzles 
marble sea horses 
Ocean coloring pages
Dramatic play area
Transportation area


"Five Green and Speckled Frogs"
"Down By The Bay"

Important Information

  • Family night will be this Wednesday, May 17th at 5:30.  We will be picking up gifts for parents, having some icecream, and playing with friends.
  • Last day of school is May 26th.  It is a half day...dismissal is at 11:45.  
  • Please plan to attend the school picnic on the last day of school.  It will be from 11:30-1:30.  


Exploring fairy tales and learning nursery rhymes was fun!  We talked about what makes fairy tales and retold several stories!

During centers we:

Sorted bears by color and counted them.




Created bridges for the Billy Goats and made homes for the Three Pigs.




Built houses out of bricks



We counted beans to put on the beanstalk



Colored fairy tale pictures




Played with beans in the sensory table


Practiced lines, crosses, circles, and wrote their names.


Made Humpty Dumpty, "cracked him" with scissors, and tried to glue him back together.



During centers we:
Watched the final caterpillar turn to a chrysalis, moved caterpillars to the butterfly cages, told fairy tale stories, and recited different nursery rhymes.

Dinos and Goliath

This week we will be exploring dinosaurs!  We will have fun reading books, coloring, sorting, creating, learning, and playing with dinosaurs.  
Along with the dinosaur theme...we are going to be exploring the story of David and Goliath.  David, a young shepherd boy, had such great faith in God that he was not scared to go up against a GIANT.  He knew God would protect him and he trusted he would keep him safe.  When sharing this story we will continue to talk about how God will keep us safe and he loves us "SOOO MUCH!"  While saying prayers before bed at home this week remember to have your child ask God to keep him safe when we are scared. 

Jesus Time
David Defeats Goliath 1 Samuel 17
God is my salvation; I will trust, and I will not be afraid.  Isaiah 12:2
"My God Is SO Great"
"All Night, All Day"
Circle Time
Dinosaurs (plant eater/meat eater)
Graphing favorite dinosaur

Story Time

How To Raise A Dinosaur
Dinosaur, Dinosaur
Dinosaur Roar
Dinosaur Opposites
 How Do Dinosaurs:
  • Play with Friends
  • Learn Their Colors
  • Love their Cats
  • Love their Dogs
  • Go to Bed
  • Eat Their Food

Dinosaur tracks (Art)
Sensory table-digging for dino eggs (Sensory)
Dino sort by color or dinosaur (math)
Dinosaurs play
Counting Dinosaurs (math)
Tracing lines
Dinosaur match-up
Dramatic play-kitchen and dress up
Dinosaur Art(Art)
Making your name (with letters and tracing) (writing)
Too Big, Too Little game (social interaction)
Dinosaur coloring pages

Songs and Sillies
"Going on a Dino Hunt"
"Dinosaur stomp"
"If your Happy and You Know It"

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Exploring camping and rainbows was so fun last week.  We continued watching the caterpillars grow and this week begin to form their chrysalis.  During circle time we sang songs, read books, and graphed our favorite color of the rainbow.

During center time we:

Sorted bugs by type and color.  

Built blocks at the light table

Used plastic "pincher" tweezers to pick up pompoms and sort them by the rainbows of colors.

Colored camping and outdoor pictures

Continued to created patterns for our caterpillar bodies

Made a sun and rainbow craft

Jesus Time
God gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit
The gift of the Holy Spirit helps us share that Jesus is the Savior of the World.
"Come Holy Spirit"
Spreading the good news to others

Story Time

Three Little Pigs
Three Billy Goats
Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Beans Sensory table (building blocks)
Building a house for the pigs (straws, Popsicle sticks, and blocks)
Making humpty dumpty
Princess Play
Counting Beans
dramatic play
Fairy Tale coloring pages
Blowing bubbles
Name tracing
transportation area

Songs and Sillies

"Three Brown Bears"

Princess music and songs

Sunday, April 22, 2018

camping and rainbows

Last week we enjoyed Caterpillar and Butterfly week.  We have been watching our caterpillars grow each day and know soon they will be building their chrysalis.  During center time we:

Used shapes to create butterfly and caterpillar tangrams

Counted pompoms to make a caterpillars

Colored different insects and caterpillar pages

Planted seeds

Made a caterpillar with a A-B pattern body.  We practiced using glue sticks while reviewing patterns, shapes, and colors.

Practiced tracing lines and finding name to sign in.

During circle time we observed our own caterpillars and learned about metamorphosis and the butterfly lifecycle.  Ask them something they learned!!!  

We are going to have a ton of fun this week!  We will be "camping," exploring the outside, and learning about rainbows.  We will use bugs, camping, and the rainbow theme to learn new math, science, pre-reading, and pre-writing skills.  
During Jesus time we will tie the rainbow into God's promise to ALWAYS take care of us.  
We will look back at the rainbow from Noah's Ark and remind the children that God is always in their heart and is always there for them.

Theme - Do Not Worry - God's promise to ALWAYS care for us
Verse -   "The Lord is my helper; I will not fear." Hebrews 13:6
Song -   Only God Can Make a Rainbow (Tune of "Did you ever see a Lassie?")
                        Only God can make a rainbow
                        A rainbow, a rainbow
                        Only God can make a rainbow
                        To shine in the sky.
                        Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
                        God's promise is true.
                        Only God can make a rainbow
                        To shine in the sky.

RAINBOW activities
Graphing favorite colors
Mixing colors to make orange, green, and purple
Shape of the month -Star


        The Crayon Box that Talked
        Mouse Paint
        A rainbow of my Own
        My Many Colored Days
        The Mixed-Up Chameleon

Sorting and matching pictures by color
Sorting rainbow colored pompom
Light table
Rainbow playdough
Sensory table - outdoors exploring
Coloring sheets - rainbows
Sorting bugs by color and type
Rainbow art
Transportation area
Dramatic play area

Red Light - Green Light
Rainbow Song
“Ants go Marching”

“Ants in Your Pants”

  • Send your explorer in pajamas this week!  (Thursday is up to you!!!)
  • Grandparents day is Thursday.